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To My Valentine

Liked this poem very much

The Empress Journals


I have in you found
A stillness when all is wild
You my set of spare keys
When my locks gather rust
You my handy mechanic
When my front tyres are sudden burst
I the crumpled lemon
You my kissing strawberry face
I the plain vanilla cupcake, you my cherries glace
Darling I in you rejoice
You my fanfare and fussing
I your spoilt precious pet
I the chocolate teapot, you the chocolate shortbread
You allow me your last piece
(My dessert, I never share)
Sweetness you are divine
When the world rages without
You my sanctuary within
Always at hand to mop my brow
(Although you know my work is but mischief)
Never cloying, yet always alert
You my flashlight when the lights go kaput
You my creme brulee in a drab menu of lemon tarts
You my solid foundation
When all else is a house of cards

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